WildStar’s next drop adds contracts and vanity pets


Looking forward to the next evolution of WildStar? Well, it’s coming, cupcake! The team announced today that it’s started testing the next drop, Invasion: Nexus.

The update will be a goodie bag of content for just about every type of player. There’s the new contract system that will allow time-crunched players to earn “awesome gear,” same-faction PvP, and a 20-player raid called Initialization Core Y-83. Invasion: Nexus will also include a holo-wardrobe to change your costume anywhere, vanity pets for the first time ever, and a new adventure called Bay of Betrayal.

INVASION: Nexus improves and expands what players love about WildStar -blasting off to new frontiers on the galaxy’s most legendary planet. There you’ll come face-to-face with a deadly gallery of fun and frightening rogues in an update that has something for just about everyone, whether you’re into getting sweet loot from Challenges and Quests, blazing your own path in Adventures, or throwing yourself headlong into Raids. This update also offers access to new gameplay systems, new ways to compete in PvP, and new ways to make your character look even more freakin’ awesome.

WildStar is still offering 10-day free trials for new and returning players.

[Source: Invasion: Nexus, patch notes]
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