Landmark will have just one more character wipe


Ever since players learned Landmark will definitely have another character wipe, we’ve all been very eager to know all the details. Those details are now in: Producer Terry Michaels has posted answers that address the most frequently expressed concerns. For one, this character and claim wipe combination, which will occur on or near April 29, 2015 (after the Qeynos competition concludes), does not herald the start of open beta. And two, although there will be a claim-only wipe before open beta, this is the last character wipe. Michaels emphasized,

We’re taking this opportunity to do the *only* character wipe we intend to do. That’s correct; we no longer believe it will be necessary to do a character wipe when we transition from Closed Beta to Open Beta. We *will* do a claim-only wipe when we transition to Open Beta in the future so that everyone who purchased the Trailblazer pack will have their 2 days head start to stake their claim in the world of Landmark!

Marketplace items purchased, templates stored in the template window, trophies earned, and all code-granted special items will all be restored. Full-claim templates will automatically be made of all existing claims. Additionally, any outfits found in bonus boxes will be kept. As in the alpha, names are locked to the owner’s account.

What players will not be able to keep include game-acquired resources, templates that were saved as items and put in the inventory, and guild names. Any Station Cash used to pay claim upkeep will not be refunded; in fact, this feature will turned off in the near future.

[Source: Upcoming wipe FAQ]
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