Trove patches in the Golden Thread, now patches out the bugs

Into every life, a few game-destroying bugs must fall? Something like that.

The most recent Trove patch added in the Golden Thread, which is pretty great for everyone playing the game. For the new player, it means that you have the tools to find out how the game works and what you can do with it while earning up a ton of Cubits. For existing veterans, it means a simple questline that you can do… for tons of Cubits. Everyone wins!

At least, everyone who doesn’t run afoul of bugs in the process wins. Users on Reddit have compiled a short list of the bugs found in this patch, some of which were addressed in a recent hotfix, some of which were not. Users are reporting losing items and progress rather unexpectedly, which doesn’t help matters. Hopefully the bugs will be resolved quickly so that players can enjoy the tutorial in the spirit it was intended.

Source: Patch notes, Reddit; thanks to Jake for the tip!
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