Aion’s Upheaval begins on June 17th

At a time when players are leery of being nickle-and-dimed, Aion is releasing yet another completely free expansion. Also known as patch 4.8, Upheaval launches in just two weeks on June 17th for all players, opening up Cygnea and Enshar, two brand-new zones filled with equally new creatures and quests. This expansion also introduces two raid instances (Stonespear Reach and Drakensipre Depths) as well as a new land-claiming Territory Battles system for legions. Additional changes include revamps to skills, the Stigma system, and even the skill user interface. And for those Daevas who want to look their best when they finally face Dragon Lord Beritra, there are also new weapon and armor sets.

Want to hear the story behind these newest lands that have risen from their watery prison under the sea? Watch the lore cinematic below, then learn more about all the upcoming changes on the official site.

Source: NCsoft press release
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