Star Citizen clarifies the persistent universe and Squadron 42 split

Right in half.

Are you wondering about how the split between Star Citizen and Squadron 42 will affect your purchase of the game? The short answer is “it probably won’t at all.” Existing backers are still getting both; it’s only new purchases that will have a split between the persistent universe and the single-player experience. But if you aren’t a backer or you still have some questions about the fine details, a recent update from the development team clarifies exactly what’s going on with the split. The short version is that the games are still linked, but after the 14th you’ll need to buy into them separately.

Purchasing either individually will run you $45, while purchasing the other one later as an add-on will run you $15. Both are also accessed through the same client and are linked together, and even players who only purchase Squadron 42 will have access to the game’s arena commander module. The plan is to make more parts of the game accessible in bits and pieces from here on out. If you’re already riding the hype train and haven’t yet jumped on board for the game, though, you should act quickly, as you can still get the package deal for both parts of the game if you buy in by February 14th.

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