RIFT starts the countdown to its fifth anniversary patch


Things are about to get crazy fun up in RIFT. The game is looking forward to celebrating its fifth birthday soon, an occasion that will take the form of both the return of its anniversary event and a new update: Celebration of the Ascended.

The festivities will begin a little sooner than you might expect, as Trion Worlds promised a lead-up event sometime in March. When Patch 3.6 arrives, it’ll bring an improved Carnival of the Ascended, six new raid rifts, a Tempest Bay instant adventure, five additional souls, multicore support, daily login rewards, and a new planar attunement tier.

Trion also said that Warlock, Chloromancer, Warden, Archon, Ranger, and Beastmaster souls will be getting some serious dev love with the update.

The first part of Patch 3.6 will arrive in April, with the second half following in May.

Source: RIFT

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