EVE Online compensates players with 200k skill points for server move downtime


EVE Online Executive Producer Andie “CCP Seagull” Nordgren has addressed EVE players in a new video posted to the official site. Nordgren apologizes for the recent game outages that were the indirect result of a massive hardware upgrade and data center move for the game. All characters with an active skill queue will be granted 200,000 skill points as compensation for the unexpected downtime.

The team is turning its attention to Citadel now, Seagull says, but the date has still not been finalized. What’s beyond Citadel? That’ll come at EVE Fanfest next month.

CCP is also touting Project Discovery, its in-game minigame that actually puts players to work on real-world protein mapping. “Citizen science starts with you,” Nordgren jokes.

In other EVE news, voting for the 11th Council of Stellar Management has opened; there are 53 candidates all ostensibly vying to make EVE great again, and you can cast your vote until March 25th.

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