Diablo III shows off the rewards for the newly arrived Season 6


It’s time to get up and start earning rewards for Diablo III‘s Season 6! “Now now,” you whine. “I have to go to work today. Wait, how did you get in my house? Leave me alone, I’m trying to do things.” But there’s no time for all of those things, by which I of course mean there’s plenty of time, but also plenty of fun rewards for dedicated slayers of demons with an eye toward the cosmetic and the functional.

As with last season, players who complete certain portions of the season journey will be rewarded with Hedrig’s Gift containing parts of a specific class set, allowing players to assemble a set with surety as they stomp through demons. There’s also a new portrait frame, a new banner, and more storage space available to players who complete the conqueror’s journey in the game once again. Check out the details on the individual class sets up for grabs this season on the official site, and get to work stomping those demons! But please don’t do so at the behest of someone who has actually entered your home to encourage you, that’s kind of horrifying.

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