Livelock launches for PC and console on August 2nd at $19.99 price point

Perfect World‘s Livelock has a release date: August 2nd.

The studio announced today that its top-down MMO shooter will land on PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4 simultaneously with the previously announced box cost of $19.99 (it’s $44.99 for a three-pack).

Massively OP’s Andrew Ross spoke with PWE at E3 last week for insight on the game’s business model:

Livelock is using a very good business model that non-fans of the company may appreciate: buy-to-play. For $20, you get a singleplayer game with a campaign that your friends or match-made strangers can play with you. There aren’t any updates or current plans for DLC, but it’s something that could happen. There are no in-game power-ups or skins to buy, either; you just play. It sounds quite fair, and I have to admit that if more games used a similar model (especially with a bonus for multiple copies as Livelock will have), I’d probably be much poorer.”

Source: Press release

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