World of Warcraft kicks off the Midsummer Fire Festival

It was a different time.

Do you remember the heady days of this time last year, when World of Warcraft had a big meaty content patch dubbed “Patch 6.2” by the archivists? Do you miss that feeling? Because that time is upon us again. Not the content patch, no, there’s none of that showing up, but the holiday event of that time is back around! Yes, the Midsummer Fire Festival is heating up once again, inviting one and all to come stomp on everyone else’s bonfires in a show of brotherly animosity.

If you’ve already burned out on the Midsummer Fire Festival in years past, this version is unlikely to contain anything new for you to do, other than kicking a bonfire or two over for auld lang syne. If you still haven’t cleared everything, though, there are achievements to earn and enemy faction players to anger. So turn up the heat and get stepping, as the season will be snuffed out before you know it.


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