Landmark will introduce the Fantasy Appearance Pack at the end of the week

Cute Monster GIrl Squadron, ASSEMBLE!

Landmark is a game in which you can make a wide variety of different things to suit your deepest desires. Want to make a fantasy castle? Go for it. Want a technological paradise? Have a blast. Want to make your character look nonhuman? Well… you’re kind of out of luck there. Or you were, anyhow; the upcoming Fantasy Appearance Pack will allow you to customize your character with a variety of new fantasy-themed options, giving a bit more choice to players who want to jump into the fantasy end.

Players who purchase the pack will have access to several new face options, skin tones, and eye types for each body size, with the usual small Lumen fee for changing your character’s appearance at the Crimson Parlor. The pack won’t be available to purchase for Lumens initially, although the designers are open to more options for purchase in the future based on feedback. It’s slated to go on sale around the end of the week, so you can nab it and play around with the options a bit during the weekend if it sounds like your sort of style.