World of Warcraft: Legion Q&A addresses the lore and balancing of artifacts

Also, it's crazy random.

Artifacts are a big deal in World of Warcraft: Legion, which is why the most recent live developer question and answer session was all about artifacts and class halls. These iconic weapons give players new abilities and plenty of lore. But how long will players be investing time in their artifacts? A few months, according to a summary of the live answers from Blizzard Watch. There will be catch-up mechanisms and other factors to consider, but players can expect to take some time on their first artifacts.

Of course, with time you’ll still be able to unlock all of your traits; you can unlock a respec option if you feel you made a particularly bad choice, but generally it’s better to just keep rolling forward with Artifact Knowledge. There’s also plenty of lore for even the new artifacts and several diverse quests to obtain them, so players worried about visiting the same spot repeatedly as a given class can rest assured it won’t happen much, if ever. Check out the full summary for more details on the removal of class hall teleports and the possibility of future additional traits, which is described as a vague possibility for the future.

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