Final Fantasy XIV hits 6M registered players, patches in the Deep Dungeon

Deeper than deep.
Final Fantasy XIV has now “drawn in over six million cumulative players globally – excluding free trial – in under three years,” according to a Square-Enix press release this morning. The new milestone comes just in time for the launch of the game’s latest patch: the Deep Dungeon.

How deep is Final Fantasy XIV‘s Deep Dungeon? For the moment, it’s 50 floors deep. That might change in the future, but it’s certainly enough for the moment, offering players a new sort of content to explore, level up in, and fight through. Players who enter will start over from level 1, improving equipment and earning abilities independent of outside progression, taking on challenges in the race down through randomly generated floors while saving progress along the way.

Reaching the bottom of the dungeon will allow players to pick up a level 235 weapon, tokens for new vanity rewards, and a variety of tomestone and gil rewards for max-level players. Lower-level players will also earn extra experience as they dive through the dungeon. It’s a whole new style of content for the game, and with the title just becoming available for players in Singapore and Hong Kong, there’s all the more reason to start enjoying the dungeon whether you’re at the top end of gear or just got through your third dungeon.

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