Marvel Heroes’ dynamic combat scaling is live now


Dynamic combat scaling is live today in Marvel Heroes, affecting enemies and zones in both story mode and challenge mode.

The game launched with fixed levels for every area of the — a common MMORPG trope. That made it hard for people of different levels to party together and gave players no reason to go back into lowbie zones. But “with Dynamic Combat Scaling, these barriers are being broken down!” Gazillion writes in its patch notes today. “Enemies throughout the game will be able to match your personal hero level and give appropriate rewards, allowing you to play with friends of different levels without having to split up to experience a more appropriate challenge, XP and loot rewards for your hero.” Do note that anything that required level 60 before still does, and Gaz is still working on terminals, one shots, and the remaining patrols.

The patch also includes the blessings revamp, tweaks for bonuses that ignore diminishing returns, a redesign for the Avenger’s Tower hub, the new Danger Room tourney, and a handful of hero tweaks and bug fixes.

Source: Patch notes. Thanks, Nordavind!

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