Path of Exile’s Atlas of Worlds expansion is officially live [Updated]

Path of Exile’s Atlas of Worlds expansion is official live. The countdown ticker rolled over at 4 p.m. EDT. Time to get in there!

Back in August, Massively OP’s MJ Guthrie spoke with Grinding Gear Games about the many new endgame maps, the Essence league, and new loot, so that’s a good starting place if you’re just diving back in to see just how good the enhanced performance is. Don’t forget to scope out the patch notes while you download that 2.6GB patch!

Update! The servers are having issues. “Our launch has uncovered a big problem where our game instances are taking up ten times as much memory as they did previously on our servers,” says GGG told players this afternoon. “This is significantly affecting our realm capacity and we have had to impose a queue to prevent users being disconnected while playing. We are working on a solution. We do not have a timeframe yet but will try to get the realm stable and high-capacity as soon as possible. We’re very sorry about this! Hopefully you’re enjoying the league and new Atlas content if you have managed to log in successfully.”

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