Star Citizens quibble over Squadron 42’s release date


A German games journalist whose Gamescom video report on Star Citizen and Squadron 42 was picked up by an English-speaking outlet has clarified his remarks.

PCGamesN had quoted a video by Gamestar’s Michael Graf and declared that Squadron 42 had been delayed from 2016 to 2017, but it has since become clear that Roberts said the Star Citizen-spinoff game’s content would be complete by the “end of the year” and that “some [base] systems like the AI or the cover system for infiltration missions […] will take more time,” presumably into the next year, further muddying the supposed release date.

“You are right, that was a mistake,” Graf told his readers. “I have watched the recording of the [Gamescom Roberts] interview again, and Chris talked about 2017. You hear that much during Gamescon, I’ve just mixed things up. Sorry about that!” (Translation by Rarehero.)

CIG has not yet addressed the understandable confusion, so do note that a formal updated declaration about Squadron 42 and any delay or lack thereof has not been made.

Source: Gamestar, PCGamesN, official forums, Reddit. Thanks, Wratts and Tarkaroshe.
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