Final Fantasy XIV makes Chinese vanity items available for sale

The price isn't nice, though.
A new patch just arrived in Final Fantasy XIV, complete with a plethora of items that you can use to glamour your gear. But do you still want more options for prettying up? Then you might be happy to know that a new set of items have gone up for sale in the game’s cash shop, allowing you to dress up Eastern-style.

The new offerings include three-piece outfits with experience bonuses to level 30, a new set of chocobo barding, and a new emote. These items were originally Chinese-exclusive promotional pieces, but you can now get them here. Dark Brown Dye is also available in the usual purchasing quantities of a single pot or 10 pots at a discount.  If you’re already in need of even more vanity options when you stride about town, it’s nice to know you can buy a few more things.

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