The Daily Grind: Are you tempted by Amazon’s new Twitch Prime service?

Go away.

Last night at TwitchCon, Amazon and Twitch announced a new service they’re calling Twitch Prime. Basically it’s an added perk of an Amazon Prime membership, so if you’re already paying for Prime’s movies-and-shipping service, then you’re basically getting more stuff for free, including ad-free Twitch viewing, free games, and exclusive trinkets — in fact, first up is stuff for SMITE, Paladins, and Hearthstone, plus a new indie game called Streamline. Subbers also get a monthly channel sub of their choosing.

Also chat badges and emotes. Gotta have those emotes.

My family already subs to Amazon Prime to get groceries and diapers (etc.) shipped out to us for free, and I’m guessing that’s true of a lot of you in North America and Europe where it’s available. So yay, more free stuff for something I was already paying for.

On the other hand, if I didn’t already have Amazon Prime, I’m not sure this would entice me to run out and get it. What are your thoughts on the whole shebang? Will the arrival of Twitch Prime change how you watch MMOs? Will it encourage you to sub to or keep Amazon Prime? Or will it have no effect on your gaming or buying whatsoever?

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(Cheers to Mike!)