Eternal Crusade on why it’s rolling out ‘intermediate patches’


Eternal Crusade Senior Producer Nathan Richardsson has updated Steam players on what’s on the way for the newly launched Warhammer MMO.┬áNext week’s patch isn’t the “big monthly update,” he says, but it will include progression tree fixes, balancing for guns-vs.-vehicles, Eldar shrines, “various improvements to user experience,” and a fix for the PvE lobby.

“Sadly, some of the bigger time consuming tasks won’t make it in, such as adjusting the timing and feedback of some melee animations to fit exactly to the underlying combat, and addressing a certain roadkill problem and should be in the following patch,” he writes. “It’s important to note again, these intermediate patches are for creating a solid momentum of bugfixes, improvements, performance, optimizations instead just one big monthly one. This is both safer as smaller patches are easier to manage and test, and we can focus one patch on big fancy bling and big badabum.”

This past week, the game rolled out its 1.0.15c update, which added a new map and overhauled the user interface.

Massively OP’s Matt Daniel took a look at the game’s launch in a two-part hands-on earlier this month, declaring that it was most definitely not ready for that launch.

Source: Steam
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