The Division launches patch 1.4 today

About as good as The Multiplication.

It’s time to see if you’re really as good as you say you are in The Division. The game’s newest patch is available today, and it adds the world tier system for players to select the level of enemies faced and the rewards provided. If your gear is weak and you’re not well-prepared, you can easily take on a lower tier and ensure that the enemies won’t blow you away; on the other hand, if you’re a skilled player with great stuff, you can take on a high tier and trade bullets with some really adroit opponents.

The patch also contains gameplay improvements, improved content rewards, bug fixes, and all of the other fun stuff you’d expect from a patch. Check out the full notes with all of the fixes and changes, and take some satisfaction in the fact that this patch has been more thoroughly tested by players.

Source: Official Site; thanks to A Dad Supreme for the tip!
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