The Division launches its next major patch on October 25th

Foight foight foight!

October 25th appears to be the day of the month to launch new patches; The Division is joining the fun with patch 1.4. This patch brings with it the option of selecting different World Tiers to pit players against harder enemies which offer accordingly greater rewards. It also updates and improves the rewards for main missions, search & destroy, and high-value targets, along with the usual plethora of bug and balance fixes for the game. You can check out the full patch notes now if you’re so inclined.

The developers have also shared the present state of the game and the lessons learned from the test server, to boot. The test server was a new experiment for the team, but it turned out to be a positive one that really improved the dialogue between development and the players. The plan is to implement the next test server for Survival mode sometime after 1.4 is out in the wild for players to enjoy, so it’s good to see that it’s becoming a consistent evolution of the game’s testing and patching process.

Source: 1.4 release date, 1.4 patch notes, State of the Game transcript; thanks to Iain for the tip!

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