Bless Online explains the reason for its delay

Boss of the road.

As we¬†learned last month, Bless Online is being delayed into 2017 as the team continues to work on bringing the title over to the west. So what is the hold up, exactly? Why aren’t we getting our grubby mitts on it in time for the holidays?

Aeria Games explained some of the reasons behind the delay this week, saying that developer Neowiz is concentrating on improving game performance and adjusting the combat system:

The game performance is currently being improved for large scale contents such as Siege of Castra and Raid. The loading times for persistent world content are also being improved for textures and monsters to be loaded more quickly. This should provide a more seamless experience to all of you.

The combat system is also being improved. For instance, the aim targeting system is being worked on. The sensitivity of auto targeting will be adjusted and a lock-on feature will be added to provide a better combat experience. The combat-related UIs are also getting improvements with, for example, some subdivisions for damage and heal marks. Few other combat improvements are also scheduled and we will update you on the progress.

Some quality of life improvement will also be added like a better tutorial, more convenient chat UI and improvements to the world map.

Source: Bless Source
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