RIFT has a ‘mind-blowing’ housing update planned for Patch 4.1

If you’d rather be fiddling around with player housing in RIFT than out fighting in the field, you’re our type of homebody. Also, you might want to check out Dimension Gallery’s new interview with Trion Worlds Senior Game Designer Chris Cates, who has a lot to share about crafting, minions, fishing, and the housing system in Starfall Prophecy.

Cates said that there are a lot of new decorations coming in Patch 4.1: “I wasn’t originally planning on doing that much new for 4.0, but got a bit carried away when I saw the wealth of new assets available. So… I ended up making a lot. But when I saw all the assets available for Alittu… I knew there was a basis for a mind-blowing 4.1 update themed around that hub. So that is coming, and I cannot wait to see what craziness the dimension community creates out of it.”

He did confirm that there are at least five new dimensions and one guild diimension in the works, although all of these might not come out in 4.1. He also explained why Trion decided to put a hard cap on the amount of aventurine that players could gather through minion missions (the short answer is that it will allow the studio to offer better rewards).


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