Star Citizen’s FPS module launches with update 2.6

The few, the proud, the self-righteous.

If you had long suspected after delays and setbacks that Star Citizen’s Star Marine FPS module would launch when pigs fly, you might want to check outside for porcine aviation. Yes, the FPS module is finally here… almost. It will be here when update 2.6 goes live, and there’s a new trailer with footage taken from the game mode so that players can see exactly what it will look like in action. Players will choose between nine male and nine female heads to customize their appearance, with each model animated to respond to environmental effects and the actions taken by players.

The game also intends to add in features like depressurization and limb damage fidelity, although all of that is further on down the line. At launch, it will feature two maps and two gameplay modes, with the team planning to add and improve on the mode over time. There’s no hard date for when 2.6 will arrive, but it seems like it should be here fairly soon; jump on below to see what sort of gameplay you can expect when it goes live.

Source: IGN
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