World of Warcraft nerfs the Trial of Valor today

If we do get a new race, of course, everyone knows my biggest suggestion.

Are you valorous enough to pass World of Warcraft’s Trial of Valor? Because you will require significantly less valor to pass it after the latest realm of adjustments. It is assumed in this particular case that “valor” is a synonym for “health, DPS, damage mitigation, and all manner of associated stats.” In other words, the raid is getting easier by reducing damage output for all difficulties and certain DPS requirements while keeping mechanics largely the same.

The sole mechanical change is that Hymdall and Hryja will now leave the Odyn fight at 85% health during phase 2 on Heroic difficulty, which had heretofore not been the case. Meanwhile, Odyn’s health has dropped, many of his abilities deal less damage, Guarm’s abilities deal less damage on hit, and Helya’s minions have less health across all difficulties. It shouldn’t destroy the challenge of the encounters, but it will make them that much easier to survive from start to finish. Expect the changes to go live with the weekly realm restarts (i.e., today for the US).

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