Final Fantasy XI updates monthly content and powers up alter egos

They're big, you see.

Do you feel like your alter egos are moving a bit too slowly in Final Fantasy XI? The most recent monthly update will help with that, as it adds in a new Haste effect for alter egos if the player calling them is at or above item level 100. There’s also an increase to the effect provided for clearing portions of the Rhapsodies of Vana’diel story, to boot; you can be even faster than you thought possible.

Of course, the patch isn’t just about updating your alter egos. There’s also the usual monthly content rotation for Ambuscade, as well as several adjustments and a monthly update to Omen content. New spoils for various battlefields and bug fixes round out the January update, which should give players a new slice of things to enjoy within the game. (Which, we are obligated to remind you, is technically in maintenance mode.)


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