Star Trek Online’s Season 12 Reckoning is live today ahead of 7th anniversary hoopla

Oh, I'll ride that.
Season 12: Reckoning is live in Star Trek Online today, just a few days ahead of the iconic MMO’s seventh birthday. “To commemorate this achievement, captains can experience a brand-new episode, featuring the debut of General Rodek, voiced by actor Tony Todd,” says PWE. You’ll be churning through new anniversary-themed daily missions, earning the community-designed T6 Lukari ship, playing the new omega particle minigame, take part in a brand-new rep grind, tinkering with a new research-themed crafting school, beating the crap out of the Tzenkethi in a new battlezone, and of course, wandering through the Of Signs and Portents featured episode.

Sorry, consolers; you’re not getting this one for a while, but take heart: You are getting Agents of Yesterday and Artifacts on Valentine’s Day. Mwah.

The brand-new Reckoning trailer and gallery are below!

Source: Press release

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