Hi-Rez addresses the Paladins pay-to-win uproar


The Paladins community has been flipping tables this week over the game’s new Legendary cards and Essence currency, which players argue are blatantly pay-to-win. Hi Rez’s latest patch essentially nerfed gold grinding — and therefore, the players’ ability to save gold to simply buy what they want — by handing out the new Essence instead of gold to players who receive duplicates in their reward chests. If you’re sitting on a huge stock of gold and cards, you’re fine, but newbies are finding that gold is almost worthless, RNG can wreck them, and Essence accrues too slowly to be of use. And as MMO players all know, when you can’t compete without whipping out your credit card, the words “pay-to-win” aren’t far behind.

Good news, though: Hi-Rez said late last night that it’s working on the issue and will have some sort of update today, so you’re not going to have to make good on those threats to go play Overwatch after all:

But not before League of Legends devs threw some shade!

Source: Reddit. Thanks, Fakepants and midgetsnowman.
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