Worlds Adrift delays closed beta by ‘a few weeks’


What’s going on with the Worlds Adrift testing? Since the launch of its 6.1 alpha play test two months ago, the Bossa Studios team has been hammering out bugs and new features — but it says it just needs a bit more time.

“There’s a few important features that aren’t quite done yet, [so] we’ve decided to delay the game,” Bossa’s Luke Williams explains. The most important feature is the character creator, but there are also updates coming for the world map, ship frame salvaging, bomb combat, gliders, and the “bottom storms” that help destroy the detritus of the gameworld.

Consequently, Bossa says, “We’re moving back the start of closed beta by just a matter of weeks, not months.”

Source: Twitter
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flamethekid .

Bruh from what i have played I still think the game should be delayed some more.

most of the forums already voted to delay the game and the team delayed it
I still think the game should be delayed some more its fun and stuff but still it looks incomplete
but has alot of potential


It’s getting released into Steam Early Access for continued development, not an official launch.

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i’ve been follwoing this a bit “internally” (read closed beta newsletter and not in game becuase it gives me wicked fear heights shit) and externally, and i have to say these guys despite the potential faults with their plans are just genuinely great people, that really want to do something novel and want to see a cool dream come true.

it’s refreshing in this genre in particular, w/e the bullshit rhetoric out there. these are legit indie devs tackling an immense project in a huge way and doing a damn fine job of it.

i feel like even tho i KNOW the game fucks my shit up to play, i’ll probably buy a copy or support in some way becuase of what these guys have done and continue to do.

soeaking of which there’s not afaik much that isn’t in there streams which is in the closed testing really. they pretty much show it all warts and all without embleishment (and with some cheats). want to see open dev? tune in to these guys’ streams and say hello! they’re awesome!

Robert Mann

Cool. That image for the video though…