So why is Destiny 2’s PC version being held back?

PC players looking forward to Destiny 2’s fall release are probably going through a torrent of emotions this week. While it’s great that Bungie revealed solid dates for the sequel, it’s not hard to miss that the launch of the PC edition is being held back nearly two months after the console version. So what gives? Why the seven-week delay?

In talking with Polygon, Bungie said that it is being extra cautious in bringing the franchise to the PC for the first time and wanted to give that version some additional testing and polish. “We want to it to land super-solid,” said the team.

PC Lead Developer David Shaw went into more detail: “It really is as simple as ‘we want to get it right.’ That’s the reason there was no PC version of Destiny 1 is because we didn’t feel we could do it in a way that could honor the PC gamer [and] would really nail it. With Destiny 2, we had the team, we had the talent, we found great partners. One more extension of being able to do it right is that we needed that extra bit of time.”

The PC port of Destiny 2 is being handled by Albany-based Vicarious Visions, which Bungie sees an an “extended part of the dev team.” Beta testing for the PC is scheduled for August with the release on October 24th.

Source: Polygon
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John Mynard

So we finally get to see if Destiny can compete with Warframe?

I think probably not, but we’ll see.


You can’t be serious right? It will blow Warframe out of the war just off of popularity alone.

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Remember the days when games were written for PC and ported to consoles?


Meh i really dont care about the reason why its coming later, as long as it lands solid is all i care about, and they are ready for the swarms of cheaters and hackers that will be coming. Really want to preorder on the PC, but think im going to wait a few weeks to a month after it drops on PC to see how the security side of it is handled…if it goes poorly ill just buy on my PS4.

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Selling more consoles probably


Yep, cause most likely the PC version will pirated the instant it drops, @ most it will take less than a week for a crack, then the pirated servers will start to spring up.

Giannis Papadopoulos

Nothing lands “super solid”… everything lands with a “working version” and when it gets delayed it means there is no “working version” yet.

neil shelton

Its a sales decision, disguised as polish time once again.


It doesn’t matter to me if it’s pushed back as long as they get it right at launch.


One additional consideration that I think would make it take longer, exploits and hacks. I’m pretty sure Bungee paid close attention to The Division and it’s troubles. And, the logistics of having an open system client side makes for more security issues of various types.

So, along with the problems of a PC port come the problems of security. Yes, even in peer to peer setups. Let it be. And I here is hoping they get it right.

Anthony Clark

I guess some excuse is better than none.

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Vagabond Sam

Hoping the PC version is decent enough to balance the PvP Overwatch with some PvE