SMITE’s Bear Goddess Artio reveal, Hand of the Gods’ Mayan pantheon, and Paladins’ Jenos

Hi-Rez is busy doing all the things, with hoopla in all three of its modern games today. (Sorry, Global Agenda and Tribes.)

Over in SMITE,┬áthe studio is getting ready to reveal Artio, the Bear Goddess, on its afternoon livestream, along with the next phase of Project Olympus, the MOBA’s far-reaching overhaul patch series that began implementation earlier this summer.

Hand of the Gods: SMITE Tactics, newly in open beta, is today seeing the rollout of the Rise My Minions! update, which unleashes the Mayan pantheon deck for players. “The Mayan deck centers on a strategy using death and zombies to overwhelm their enemies and buff their own units,” says the studio.

And in Paladins, players are taking part in Celestial Uprising, with its new maps and its new hero Jenos, the Ascended, and his fancy magic mask. He’s shiny.

“Jenos is our newest Support who has descended from his mountaintop home to confront the aggressors of the world below. He soars through the battlefield with 2600 Health utilizing his long lasting heals, powerful setups, and devastating finishers to turn the tide of battle.”

Source: Press release
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