Wild West Online denies that its alpha has been delayed


Hey, cowboys and cowgirls. When did you think alpha was going to begin for Wild West Online? You’re wrong, apparently. 612 Games broke its recent silence to post a pair of FAQs, one of which insists the game isn’t running behind.

“Is the Alpha late? Technically, no. There was some misunderstanding due to a mistaken release that went out in some territories saying it would be late July, along with a lot of misinterpretation of the Early Bird end date as being the Alpha start date, but the plan has been ‘late Summer’ since before the first public announcement. We apologize for any miscommunication. However, if you still want to think of the Alpha as late we totally understand, and we look forward to you receiving your late Alpha access soon.”

Early in July, the team extended the game’s preorder program and announced an alpha server list. During a May interview with Massively OP, WWO’s Steven Bugaj told us, “We plan on running a number of alpha tests this summer, with a closed beta available by the fall and a short open beta prior to the game’s launch.” Still, maybe the snark isn’t quite warranted from a game still weathering suspicions and accusations about its dev team.

Source: Facebook, FAQ. Thanks, Kinya!
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