Hearthstone returns to Northrend in Knights of the Frozen Throne

There’s a chill wind sweeping in from the north(rend) today: Knights of the Frozen Throne is now live in Hearthstone!

The expansion is one of the biggest and most significant for the game yet, taking fans back to one of World of Warcraft’s most beloved eras. Frozen Throne contains 135 new cards and several free missions for all players, as well as the ability to turn heroes into Death Knights for kicks and giggles.

Players who log in by November 1st will be gifted three free card packs from the new expansion, so don’t let the time get away from you!

It’s obvious that the dev team is having entirely way too much fun with this expansion’s theme, as evidenced by the Lich King himself taking on comments from actual players below. But beware! If you displease the king, you might be sentenced to the comment dungeon!

Source: Hearthstone
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