City of Titans plans 2017 pre-alpha, crowdfund to ‘take things to the next level’


City of Titans studio Missing Worlds Media has just posted a recap of its presentation at last week’s PAX West and a status update on the game.

“For City of Titans, our remaining goals for this year (2017) are to deliver the pre-Alpha for testing, and that we would be finally delivering the Second Chance promised back during our Kickstarter,” the studio’s Nathaniel “Doctor Tyche” Downes reports. “The pre-Alpha release has taken us longer than other games due to our compartmentalized approach to development. It works for us in that we have fewer roadblocks due to our distributed nature of development, but the drawback is that as we integrate, we will find new bugs and challenges to overcome. That’s what testing is for, and once delivered, our progress will continue apace.”

The “second chance,” he says, will allow folks who didn’t Kickstart the City of Heroes-inspired MMORPG years ago an opportunity to do just that, as well as to take another crack at the original Kickstarter rewards. Some of them, anyway.

“This will not include the add-ons included in the original Kickstarter, nor will it include the last two tiers of rewards. We will be offering all the tiers that did not exceed their stated limits in the original Kickstarter until those limits are reached, and offering the unlimited ones, well, without limits.”

Downes also reminds would-be backers that the original Kickstarter was intended to “secure funds for equipment and the direct costs of development, and it succeeded in this.” This new crowdfunding round will help the studio “take things to the next level,” with office space and proper financial support for staff who have been thus far working on only a volunteer basis.

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