Albion Online ushers Joseph into the game on September 27th

There's cause for concern.

We do not know if Albion Online’s Joseph update will include a technicolor dreamcoat, or indeed, a dreamcoat of any sort. We do know that it’ll arrive in the game on September 27th as the first major update for the game following its launch. We also know that it’s going to feature a whole lot of big improvements and expansions for the game, such as the new 5v5 Arena that awards Arena Sigils to the team with the best performance.

The game’s previous Relic Lockers are being replaced and incorporated with new Treasure Sites, dangerous regions full of treasure that automatically set you to hostile as soon as you enter the region. Players can also enjoy UI improvements like the new Quick Cast mechanic, allowing you to cast spells more quickly if you’re prepared to aim when you press the button and not before. Combine that with two new expeditions and players will have plenty to explore when the update goes live on September 27th.

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Gil Ferreira

The DDOS has already ended…

Kickstarter Donor

I’ve been meaning to check this game out for a long time now, but I decided to wait until after the ddosing period passed. Sounds like post-Joseph release will be my time.

I’m curious to see the game for myself, and to make up my own mind about it.