Final Fantasy XIV simplifies job gauges and veteran rewards with patch 4.1

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How long have you been playing Final Fantasy XIV? If the answer is “years,” you probably already have most of the game’s veteran rewards, but considering that the top-tier veteran reward requires 1440 subscribed days (for reference, that’s nearly four years) you can all but give up on seeing those rewards if you’re new. Which is probably why the system is changing with patch 4.1; players will now get the top-tier reward of the much-compressed system within 330 days, and eligible players will get all retroactive rewards. Players can acquire removed rewards via achievement certificates if they didn’t already have them before the change.

The patch is also simplifying the job gauges for those who prefer a more straightforward display; simplified gauges offer the same information, but much more compact formats, and can be customized per gauge and per job where applicable. Check out the full post on all of the trimmed-down forms, which should make it a little easier to make a clean layout unfettered by too much visual noise. You can also check out a pile of screenshots for hairstyles, emotes, and other content just below.

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