Path of Exile rearranges content release schedule, ships 150-page art book

Path of Exile is making a few small adjustments in its schedule of content release that includes a delay of the first major post-expansion patch and a couple of new events.

“In the content schedule news post we indicated that 3.1.0 would likely launch on Friday December 1st,” the studio said. “As we finalise our marketing plan, it’s apparent that a better release date would be one week later on December 8th.”

The studio teased two 10-day events that will start on November 10th and 24th, although it did not give further details about what those events will entail. Meanwhile, Path of Exile has shipped its 150-page art book to fans who purchased the $480 supporter pack. Not willing to spend that much to get a book? No worries, the book should be available a la carte in the near future.


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