MMO Week in Review: Destiny 2 has already won the year (October 29, 2017)

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Destiny 2 has finally arrived for PC, and the fact that a crapton of our MMORPG readership is playing won’t surprise you, given that the game is already the best-selling video game of the year. Just try not to get banned, k?

Meanwhile, if you’re still wanting to throw money at Actiblizz, welp, BlizzCon – and that promised new WoW expansion – is fast approaching!

Read on for the very best of this week’s MMO news and opinions.


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Destiny 2 has won the year? Nah. Not even close. Of course, it depends on what you mean by won. Won what?

Game of the year? No. There are plenty of games this year on that list. I won’t try and list them all, but Horizon Zero Dawn, Neir Automata, Persona 5, are just a few that would beg to differ.

Best MMO? Nope. Try PUBG out for size.

Best Console MMO? No. Not yet. Call of Duty WW II is about to drop. Yes, they sold a bunch of units, best of all time for a launch but console gamers are more locusts than even PC gamers. And they love Call of Duty. I love Call of Duty.

Best MMORPG? LOL! Is it even really an MMORPG with that crap they call chat?

Love Destiny 2. I’m having fun playing it. But let’s not get ahead of ourselves. What Destiny 2 has won is some appreciation along with more criticism. So, meh.

Dušan Frolkovič

I have had my fun with Destiny for the 60$ price tag.
But i am also fine with spending that much for a week of play.
More worried how long i will stick with it now.


Im in the same boat, enjoyed it, dont regret getting it, but, beyond rolling a new class im more or less done with the content I can do, unless I jump through the grouping hoops of 3rd party sites. The game really needs something akin to FF14’s party finder.

Sunken Visions

I knew this year wasn’t great for games, but I didn’t think it was that bad.


Thanks to them for putting it out on consoles first so me and 10 others could see what we were getting, It saved all of us 60$!


Love destiny 2. Great game, def worth the money. The only thing I would change is the stupid consumable shaders…

Alex Js.
Kickstarter Donor
Alex Js.

Eh, if there would be a law allowing people to return any game for a full refund within 7 days or so – I bet Destiny 2 would’ve also set a record, only the different kind ;-)

I did buy it for a PC and I didn’t really expect much good from an Activision-published game but overall it was still pretty disappointed – mediocre campaign ends way too fast, after that it’s just mindless “power level” grind either through few repeatable PvE events in tiny, heavily instanced planetary areas or through the tiny 4v4 PvP mode (or using an easily exploitable raid which you can quickly go through if your teammates are willing to do the exploit). None of which feel “challenging” or “fun” after you’ll do each of them a couple of times.
What’s even more disappointing is that Activision/Bungie didn’t even bother to implement proper social tools for PC version – things like better chat (especially for clan) or better group-seeking tools and whatever existing features that are there – are heavily bugged (for example the clan roster appears empty for many people and causes performance issues, at least on PC – there are posts on Reddit which describe this).
Oh well, at least I didn’t pay the full retail price…


So in other words, its just like every other game released now a days? Gotcha. You could have typed that first and saved me the read.

Indigo Salma

After playing it for 5 days straight , i can say that it doesn’t deserve the 60$ …
So little content for that price.


I love this argument. When you sit down for 5 days straight, at what im guessing is 6+ hours a day, and you chew through all of the content, what do you expect?

Its like all the kids that cry about how WoW expansions don’t have anything in them or they are bored. Well no shit you are bored. You took off work, bought as much trash junk food and energy drinks as you could, and binged out doing everything you could on 4 hours sleep daily. Developers will NEVER be able to keep pace with people that do this.

You have yourself (not you really, just the people that do this) to blame if you decide to no life games.

Destiny 2 is a decent game if you take it for what it is. A lot of people expect it to be an MMO. Its not and never will be. Do the campaign, get your light up, PvP, and if you get bored, wait for patches or the DLC. Its not meant to be an every day, no life 8+ hours a day game. In fact, not many games are supposed to be like that anymore.

Indigo Salma

I’m glad you love it , but countless others on PC and PS4 stand with my opinion as i with theirs. There is no end game or long lasting replayability. Many other players that will buy the game will see the same problem.
The exact one the first game had and it was built up to be better with each expansion.
People who bought it now thought that they might have improved and learned from their mistakes. Seems they haven’t and they just sold the game knowing that just the name will sell .
If they went with random generated maps and possibly even guns , it would have made a huge difference. All you do at the end of the game is run Fireteams non stop , but since there are no randomizations anymore its not worth the time either.
The rewards for completing them even more so. Hope the upcoming raid does something different. The changes they mentioned are a step forward , just like the last game they will improve it with the upcoming DLC.
As the game is now it would have been worth 30$ or less. But not 60$ in any way.
From such a big company i expected a lot more not less content.