Bungie now says it’s unbanning Destiny 2 players ‘banned in error’


Remember how yesterday Destiny 2’s community was all freaked out about account bans they believed were being caused by use of overlays from programs like OBS, XSPLIT, Fraps, Mumble, and Discord? And remember how Bungie’s PC project lead tweeted to call that “internet BS”?

Bungie followed that up with a statement clarifying that 400 PC players were indeed banned, but manually and not for overlay-related reasons, and that it had overturned four beta bans. Now the studio has walked back its initial statements even more.

“As part of our ban review process, we have identified a group of players who were banned in error. Those players have been unbanned. The bans were not related to the third-party applications listed above. We will continue to review the process we use to ensure a fun and fair game.”

It is not clear how many players were in that second group or why exactly they were banned in the first place, but any reason given could be justifiably summed up as “internet BS,” I’m sure. In any case, it’s doubtful that a group out of 400 is making much difference to a game that’s already become the fastest-selling console game in history.

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