Halloween events across the MMORPG verse, 2017 edition

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Hey, you. Yeah, you, dude leeching candy from the bucket you bought “for the neighborhood kids.” And you, lady still trying to decide between “Princess Leia” and “lazy zombie” for your costume (go Leia, duh). Put all that aside and get into some MMOs instead! Halloween is only one night in real life, but in MMORPGs, it goes on for days or even weeks. Some studios will probably even forget to turn it off! Others will let you run around with a flaming pumpkin head mask for all eternity!

Here’s what we’re looking at this year for Halloween across the MMORPG verse.

AdventureQuest 3D – A slasher camp, a haunted house, and the game’s first two-sided war are all part of this year’s Mogloween.

Age of Conan – A Funcom rep said the Shambling Plague events should return this week!

Aion – Shugo Sweep is live in Atreia.

so spoopy

Albion Online – You’ll be farming pumpkin pips for a really sweet mount and some costumes to boot.

Anarchy Online – AO didn’t get forgotten! Its “Halloween Spooktacular” events are now live. Thanks, Zen Dadaist!

ArcheAgeArcheAge’s Hallowtide events kick off on October 24th; you’ll be smashing pumpkins, honoring the dead, you know, the usual.

ARK: Survival Evolved – The Witches Curse has descended.

Atlas Reactor – Just in time for its first birthday, Atlas Reactor’s got a Halloween event too!

Black Desert – The Alice in Wonderland-themed main event is live now, but there are plenty of Halloween-themed dailies if you’re not into that.

Blade & Soul – Halloween buyables and dailies went alive along with this week’s Rage of the Hive Queen update.

Champions Online – Bloodmoon is back, baby.

Citadel Forged With Fire – Themed costumes and props are good to go. We streamed it too!

Creativerse – Use code GHOSTLYGHIFT in the store and claim your free Ghostly Flashlight pro costume!

Crossout – Where better to celebrate Halloween than in a post-apoc MMO? There’s even a new night-setting map.

Dark Age of Camelot – Events are live now with quests and a new instanced dungeon, the Castle of the Mournful King.

Dark and Light – Gobboween in this early access sandbox asks you to beat up goblins for candy. Good deal?

DC Universe Online – It’s the Witching Hour once again in DCUO. Don’t look now, but there’s a spider on your back.

Defiance – Hulker Hell is live with transmedia synergy shenanigans. Kidding.

Dungeons and Dragons Online – Partake in the Night Revels once again.

Elsword – This event involves a “vengeful hedgehog ghost,” which I have to say is the first time I’ve ever typed that phrase in my whole life. Live now.

Escape from Tarkov – Halloween helmets and more!

EverQuest – Nights of the Dead has returned to this classic MMO!

EverQuest II – Slightly less old-school players will also be pleased to see the return of Nights of the Dead to EQII, parts of which extend even to the progression servers.

Final Fantasy XI – Tooling around in the old world? Costume contests and trick-or-treating await you.

Final Fantasy XIV – It’s Circus Season once again in XIV as All Saints’ Wake is live.

Fortnite – Hexsylvania is now live!

Gigantic – PWE’s MOBA unleashed its Season of Souls update with a new necro hero and map, along with plenty of spooky wearables.

Guild Wars – It’s Mad King’s Day in the OG Guild Wars! For two weeks. His jokes always slay the audience.

Guild Wars 2 – Tyrians bear witness to the return of the Shadow of the Mad King event, this year enhanced by a new race and new buyable mount skins.

Hearthstone – A special tavern brawl and daily gifts await you card game fanatics.

Heroes of the Storm – Hallow’s End in Blizzard’s MOBA includes a headless horseman spray and I am not even making that up.

Hyper Universe – Nexon’s MOBA is “getting witchy” with a free weekend to boot!

Kritika Online – Kritika’s Haunted Room update is live. As Eliot put it, “This is not a game in which you run away from monsters; it’s one in which you run toward monsters and then kick them in the teeth.”

Lord of the Rings Online – The Harvest Festival is live once again and runs through the end of October. Good ol’ Bingo.

Mabinogi – This little cutie has a ton of events queued up, including pumpkin summoning and a Halloween coin collection event.

Mad World – Jandisoft is opening up a limited version of its in-testing game on Halloween for PC users.

MapleStory – Nexon celebrates the Midnight Monster Bash begins on October 18th with dungeons, a music festival, trick-or-treating, and candy.

Master X Master – The Dredgion has received a holiday makeover, and there’s a new time-limited game mode to experience!

Neverwinter – Grab a mask, for the Masquerade of Liars has returned once again.

Overwatch – “Halloween Terror” has already taken over Blizz’s team shooter!

PaladinsPaladins’ Harrowing Horrors event even includes a special song. Aww.

Paragon – Epic’s MOBA will push out Shadow’s Eve on the 24th of this month.

Paragon Chat – The City of Heroes chat emulator invites players into what’s left of the old client for a costume party on Saturday, October 21st.

Path of Exile – Check out the spooky cosmetics, including bleeding eyes, what?

Pirate101Pirate101’s Halloween fest has boats and Billy the Kid. Who is a goat. I love this game.

Pixel Worlds – Even the devs are playing dress-up!

PlanetSide 2 – I’m weirdly pleased to report that Nanite of the Living Dead is back this year. Can’t keep this game down.

Pokemon Go – Double candy and free hats! It’s all live this afternoon.

Project Entropia – There’s a new instance and new lootboxes, along with a competition: “Grand prizes will be awarded to the top 15 players who score the most points during the event. All participants can earn bonus prizes for reaching certain point thresholds as well. In all, items totaling more than $9,000 will be available.”

Project Gorgon – It may still be in testing, but its Halloween event launches on Halloween itself.

Revelation Online – Trick-or-treat without even leaving your browser!

Riders of Icarus – Halloween is serious business in RoI; events have already been running since the 3rd.

RIFT – The full moon approaches. Autumn Harvest returns to Telara… but not until next week. It kicks off on the 26th this year, complete with a new dimension. Whatever will you do in the meantime.

Robomaniac – New Halloween skins accompany the Underground patch.

RuneScape – RuneScapers are already busy trying to survive the Dimension of the Damned!

Runes of Magic – Check your in-game mail for Halloween goodies every day starting today.

Secret World Legends – Samhain rolled out for SWL players already, but be warned: It’s not the whole Halloween experience you’re used to from The Secret World’s past. Make sure you check out MJ’s guide to what’s new!

Ship of Heroes – Heroic Games teased its Dark Magic Blast powerset.

Shroud of the AvatarSOTA’s selling Halloween-themed items, but if you want a real Halloween experience, check out some of the player-built haunted houses!

Skyforge – The Evil Pumpkin Festival has now begun.

SMITE – Hi-Rez’s MOBA journeys to the Afterlife this year. Lookit that face.

Star Trek OnlineSTO is running one-day-only quests on Halloween day.

TERA –  Kyra’s Pop-Up Potion Shack and Harvest Festival Hall returned on October 19th.

Tree of Life – Sod all that Halloween stuff; Tree of Life is having a beer festival.

Trove – New quests, new cash-shop goodies, and a free mount are live as of October 25th.

The Elder Scrolls Online – The Witches Festival returns on Friday, October 20th, with a set of achievements leading to a brand-new in-game house.

Ultima Online – Trick-or-treating and a dungeon infestation are live in this 20-year-old MMO.

Villagers & Heroes – Spooky Town, the new map, is already live in this cutesy multiplatform MMO.

Warface – Whose face? Your face! Happy fourth birthday! The game’s celebrating with a big party and bonuses overlapping the holiday.

Warframe – If the newly launched Plains of Eidolon isn’t enough content for you or whatever, I guess you could mosey over and take part in throwing your money at some Day of the Dead goodies.

WildStar – Shade’s Eve drops today!

Wild Terra – Halloween is on the way for this isometric sandbox. The game is super on sale too.

Wizard101 – Spooky Bob is back again in this top kid-friendly MMO.

World of Tanks – You’ll be fighting the Lord of the Tank Underworld.

World of Warcraft – “World of Warcraft finally lets you be a horse’s butt this Hallow’s End.” Enough said, really. We mean it quite literally.

World of Warships – Pumpkins and battleships and Rasputin and Nikola Tesla. Yep.

Worlds Adrift – Make sure you nab your freebie costume!

Out-of-game Halloween contests – Quite a few studios and games are holding these this year, particularly the pumpkin-carving sort, including BlizzardNCsoftAshes of CreationIstaria, and Black Desert.

We surely missed something, as the genre is far and wide. Let everybody know down in the comments if you’ve spied another event your fellow readers might want to know about!


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Creativerse is borderline MMO. Lots of people online at the same time, jumping between or settling at individual worlds. They have a fun Halloween event too!


Thank you for this wonderful list. I’ve been coming back to it since it was posted.


Don’t forget Fortnite’s Halloween Event. It hasn’t started yet but will be here by the end of the month.

You guys did a little bit about it here:

Fortnite teases Halloween event, lists development projects in the works

As for Warframe, I was hoping a Halloween event I missed was returning but I guess it isn’t? I know they just did some major releases and updates but I still was hoping to see it return. I forget what they named it but it was some special Halloween only quest line event that I never got to do and hoped to get to this year…

Star Stable will have Halloween stuff returning too, but I don’t think theirs is out yet either. Some of these guys push it to closer to the actually day :D

Chris Moss

When is the PVE part of Fortnite goin F2P?

Scott Rondeau

All those games, and I’m not interested in a single one of them. I must be getting old.

Castagere Shaikura

I just don’t care about Halloween events in mmo’s.


I like the SWL event, not overwhelming, little bonus everyday, do a few things everyday, a raid and get back to playing the game. Perfect, those Elite dungeons ain’t going to master themselves.

I remember wildstar; others as well, there was so much crap and content that you pretty much did that for a month straight. All i wanna do is progress and play the f’in game, lol.

Not sure why but this made me think of how little, if at all, i care about about this mmo, or that mmo, even single player games, heck Hide and Shriek a derivative of SW is free now and i don’t have even a tiny spark of interest to check it out, all i want to do is log into SWL.

This is the way MMO’s are supposed to be, you play one, maybe two. Usually i do two but…
Damn when you’re home, you’re home.

Shiro Madoushi

Most of ArcheAge’s halloween prizes are the same junk they give out every year. The new and exciting items are cash shop exclusives.

Kickstarter Donor



Love the way they’ve decorated Lion’s Arch for Halloween in GW2, but the events themselves??? To misquote Arthur Dent from Hitchhiker’s Guide, This must be some strange new meaning of the word fun which I’ve not been previously acquainted.


Meh. I like the Halloween events. They are the only events where I can truly be myself, you know? Weirdly, not many like to stand near me.


Mr. Curmudgeon here. Again.

But, really, The Mad King stuff in Guild Wars 2 right now is pretty dang annoying.

GW2 has the *worst* inventory garbage problem in the MMORPG-verse. So, now, I get Trick-or-Treat bags aplenty. These bags are filled with dumb gag stuff (Ooooh. Look like a skeleton for 15 minutes! Woo-woo!) and crafting items I will never use that overload my inventory.

The worst part of it is that many of these items cannot just be discarded or sold, they can only be destroyed — and to do that you actually have to TYPE the name of the item in a special deletion window.

So, lately, I’ve learned to discard entire stacks of bags without opening them. Honestly, I’ll be glad when all this seasonal stuff is done… January can’t get here fast enough. :/


I hear ya man. I have more than a few items taking up space that hint ‘might want to keep as it could be useful later’, maybe. On a related note, although I like Paths of Fire, the post-questing inventory cleanup/management interludes have gotten rather tedious of late. Also, to me the Mad King events are not fun, like at all.


Crafting items: click gear and ‘Deposit All Materials’
ToT bags or other items: Right click and ‘Sell at Trading Post’ (the food does not seem to sell very well, even though some of it has magic find boosts, so if you go this route, probably just sell the bags and make some decent gold)


Agreed. On one hand, the quick deposit for materials is among the nicest features in the MMO-verse.

On the other hand, I don’t like any other aspect about how GW2 handles inventory, and the events with their garbage spam definitely exacerbate the issue.

Kickstarter Donor

“World of Warcraft finally lets you be a horse’s butt this Hallow’s End.” Enough said, really. We mean it quite literally.

More like a in-game manifestation of what some players are in real life. :P