Escape from Tarkov adds a small arsenal, eyes open beta, and celebrates Halloween


What happens when you take a city full of trigger-happy mercs and toss in even more weapons and instruments of destruction? Escape from Tarkov is finding out this week thanks to a “major” update that introduced 70 new items, more communication commands, better optimization, improved starter gear, and advanced weapon handling.

Not stopping to even take a brief break, the dev team is barreling to bigger and better things: “The next important stage in project development will start with the open beta, which is scheduled for launch at the end of 2017. By that time, the game will be expanded with new game mechanics, improvements of existing ones, more optimizations of graphics and network components, as well as additional game content, including new weapons and locations. Also, in the coming months, we plan to localize the game into new languages, including German, French, Spanish, Italian, Chinese (Simplified), Polish, Czech, Portuguese, Japanese, and Korean.”

Escape from Tarkov is giving the briefest of nods to Halloween as well, with special tactical helmets as loot and a screenshot contest that promises alluring rewards for the winners.


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Alex Js.
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Alex Js.

I’m not even sure why this game is still being in development… I remember reading an interview on Russian site (I think it was “”) that this game was planned to be fully released in “second quarter of 2016”, then development started to slow down to a crawl, the overall response from Twitch streamers who streamed the “early access” version was pretty “meh” and by now it is clearly and vastly outpaced by other, more known and more popular “survivor FPS” games. So I really don’t think this project has any chance of even moderate success, even if they’ll manage to to do a non-Beta, non-“Early Access” release sometime next year or year after that.

But hey, at least it was fun to read all the controversy surrounding this project, like a bunch of paying Alpha testers being mass banned about a year ago (read that on another Russian site), or curious similarities between the assets used in this game and the game called “Hired Ops” which is supposedly being developed by a studio that was (and probably still is) in some way very closely related to the Battlestate Games (the developers of “Escape from Tarkov”).

Arthur Dent

I would be very careful about supporting this developer

Sidalpha gave a very good review of these people