Destiny 2’s players grumble over lack of social features; Bungie posts Curse of Osiris release date, trailer


The original Destiny featured such robust social features as poorly managed chat options and a total dearth of social features to help people form groups. This wound up finding a great deal of acceptance on consoles, because console players are accustomed to developers treating basic MMO functionality the same way that 12-year-old boys treat romance scenes. However, here on the PC we don’t take that kind of crap, and Destiny 2 players are taking to the (metaphorical) streets demanding things like LFG chat, global chat channels, and in-game guild chat.

If you haven’t been playing the game, it might baffle you that an MMO could release in 2017 without these features, but here we are. The discussions are fairly heated on both the official forums and Reddit, but largely in favor of such systems (with several snarky comments about how in-game friendships are based around barely talking to other people), so it remains to be seen whether or not Destiny 2 is prepared to handle the influx of demands by MMO players.

Meanwhile, Bungie announced today that Curse of Osiris will release on December 5th.

Source: Official Forums (1, 2), Reddit; thanks to Jim for the tip!
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Re: Curse of Osiris expansion:

When a former Guardian names himself after an Egyptian god, you just know we’re going to have trouble with this guy (ego much there, Osiris?) :-)

Also, Gina Torres has such a great speaking voice. No wonder she gets so much voice-work!

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Chad Wells

Can’t say I miss it.

If we choose we can work around it.

Jesse Schulkers

In that case why can’t I opt-in to a zone chat at least? I feel like they’ve made every effort for me to not make a friend. If I want to talk to people I have to interact with a menu to interact with a menu so i can type a message- if they have that on. And hten only that guy I went through all that effort for can see it.

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Chad Wells

If they choose to add more chat features, that’s fine by me.

While you opt-in, I will opt-out. No big deal.

The discord link was not meant to be snarky, just passing around info of how PC players are working around it at the moment.


The lack of public/general chat has been a godsend,it is a huge quality of life improvement for everyone aside from the salt miners. There isn’t an online game in existence that wouldn’t be improved by the removal of it’s general chat.

The lack of clan chat is a strange choice, but rendered totally obsolete by Discord at this point. I can understand why they wouldn’t want to reinvent that wheel for the 1000th time. Clan chat has felt more and more superfluous since VIOP has become popular, it spits your clans communications, and the text chatters tend to get ignored when most the clan is in voice.

Overall I love the trend of pushing community building out of individual games and into spaces that have much more robust community building tools. Communities are better managed, and leads to more invested clan mates when they are maintained outside of individual games.

I hope to see a lot more of this trend as companies look for ways to reduce toxicity in their games.


“But Destiny 2 isn’t an MMO, it’s an online cooperative multiplayer shooter!”

Bullet Teeth

I think I read about this game being almost completely beatable while barely firing your weapon.

In a Shooter….

Legit MMO right there…


It’s funny what you can read on the internet.


Some of the mobs can be beat by melee but not a lot. Try to melee mobs til Gohl and let me know how that works for you.


On the bright side I haven’t seen any toxicity whatsoever!


If you haven’t been playing the game, it might baffle you that an MMO could release in 2017 without these features, but here we are.

It would be baffling, if it were an MMO. It is not though. I mean, especially when Destiny 3 comes out in 2 years. MMOs allow you to encounter more then a potential 15 other players in your map.

Dug From The Earth

Trying to get into a group to play with someone in Destiny 2, is the most obtuse, cumbersome, and frustrating experience ive EVER had in an mmo.

– You cant chat with people to ask/adverstise for a group, not even to someone standing right next to you.
– By default, most people have their teams set to “Friends/clan only” so there is no chance of joining 99% of the people playing around you.
– Even when you set your team to “public” people still dont join, or know to join, because you cant “Advertise” that you are LFM
– Joining someones group requires you both having to add each other to your battle net friends
– You cant whisper someone in game until you add them to battlenet friends

Its like Bungie deliberately decided to say “screw all the things we have learned about multiplayer grouping in games for the last 19 years”. The way it is currently is the most backwards, unintuitive, and down right insulting system that someone could have come up with. It makes the grouping in games like Dark Souls seem like pure genius in comparison.

If they are going to keep a lot of PC gamers around, they are going to need to improve things soon.

– You need to be able to set a “Im looking for a team” flag, that will show an icon next to your name for people near by you, letting them know you want to group.
– You need to have an icon next to your name that shows “Hey, ive got a group, thats open to join” so others can join on you if they are near you
– There needs to be a global list of player names and what content they want a group for, that ANYONE can see, sortable by things like Raid, Strikes, PvP, Story, Exploring, etc.

(notice Bungie… all 3 of my solutions dont require adding chat, and thus, help keep toxicity out of the game still)

These are BASIC and rudimentary aspects of a multiplayer game. Especially one that doesnt allow the ability to CHAT.


I agree, the lack of social features seems silly. It’s not something that can’t be fixed and it could easily be integrated with battlenet.

Hopefully they’ll address this, it can’t be hard to implement.

Dug From The Earth

The problem with battlenet, is that it only allows you to interact with people who are on your friends list. IE: there is no exposure to NEW people (like there can be using something like Discord)

If I had people on my battlenet friends list, who played Destiny 2, I wouldnt have an issue finding people to group with


Glaring omissions and no question in mind, intentional. Time, money, oh there are many reasons, I’m sure.

But what Bungie fails to appreciate is how loyal the PCMR is if a game caters to them. A little more time and effort, and this game could have staying power in the PC world.

As it is, I think that this game is fun, with a strong single player experience. A “solo” game that has MMO aspects. Lol. Oh, the irony in that.

The problem is that devs are like sheep. Unfortunately I see more of this type of thing in MMOs from EA etc. etc. on the way. Maximize revenue, eliminate the cost of traditional MMO chat functions, the PCMR will have to deal with it. “Gaming as a service.”

I bet we see these omissions in Anthem too.