Diablo III prepares for the launch of Season 12 on November 9

And again, like before.

Just as a reminder, Diablo III fans, you’re not getting any announcements at BlizzCon this year. You are, however, getting the game’s next season starting on November 9th. And at the risk of sounding a bit flippant, well, you probably know what this means. New class sets? Yes. New seasonal conquests? Naturally. New opportunities on the season journey? Of course. Cosmetic rewards? Most decidedly.

This season’s cosmetics allow you to take on a decidedly angelic look with a new set of angelic wings, celestial portraits, and new pieces of the game’s seasonal cosmetic set. In short, it’s a new season, and if you enjoy collecting as much as possible from previous seasons you’re going to probably have a fun time with this one. If not… well, you’re likely already a bit bored. Regardless, you can start earning rewards (or consciously abstaining from same) on November 9th.

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