Kritika Online’s Psion has arrived with murder on her mind

Mind over matter.
[AL:Krit]The Psion of Kritika Online is a formidable foe because she can kill you just by thinking about it. So it’s probably a good thing that she’s on your side as the game’s newest playable class, and even more of a good thing that she’s available to play right now. You could log in this instant and make a new Psion if you wanted thanks to this week’s patch.

In fact, that might be a good idea anyway, as the launch of the new class includes several events. You can pick up new outfits as part of an event running until December 13th, for example, and you can unlock more rewards by leveling your Psion as fast as possible. You’ll also get more rewards for logging in more regularly, so you’ve got a reason to keep the game on your mind. Check out the class trailer just below to see the Psion in action.

Source: En Masse Entertainment press release
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