Conan Exiles is still working on the full nudity patch for some Xbox One regions


What’s new in Conan Exiles since the devs announced a console price hike, a scale-back in launch features, and its actual launch date (May 8th of next year)? Oh, nothing much, just a whole ‘nother patch. In fact, update 32 rolled out this past Wednesday, the last stable one expected prior to the holiday.

“This update adds the weapon, tool and armor modification system, new dynamic weather, two new armor sets (Zamorian and Aquilonian), new thrall capturing tools, new weapons, new building pieces (ladders, folks!!), and the long-awaited sickle,” writes Funcom. “It lets you harvest a metric butt-tonne of Plant Fiber!” That was followed by a rollback and bugfix when items began disappearing thanks to an overzealous item purge script. Oops.

Funcom says it’s further working on the user interface, new clan and attributes panels, patch stability, double-jump, character animations and movement, target-locking, lighting shader bugs, voice chat, and of course, the new combat system. There’s also been movement on the console nudity front, which is a sentence I just typed. I’ll let the team explain:

“Since launch we’ve been getting a lot of questions from console players with regards to nudity. When we first launched in Xbox Game Preview the idea was to release a nudity patch that players in certain territories could download for free to unlock the full nudity option. Other players would be limited to partial nudity. Said nudity patch has been unavailable since launch due to a last-minute issue with the Xbox Store. All territories have therefore been limited to partial nudity. Microsoft was investigating a solution to the issue and have come up with something that will allow us to roll out full nudity on consoles where the game’s rating allows for it. Full nudity will be made available on consoles on launch day, May 8th. We’ll have more information on how players will be able to access the full nudity option on launch day.”

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