Shroud of the Avatar goes nuts for log cabins


With such a strong emphasis on player housing, Shroud of the Avatar has fans guessing as to what other interesting abodes the team is cooking up inside of Lord British’s lab. Turns out the answer to this is “log cabins.”

Over the next two updates, the team will be pushing out three new housing types. There’s a giant, hollowed-out horizontal log (hopefully worm-free), a giant, hollowed-out vertical log, and a very traditional Abraham Lincoln-goes-skiing log cabin. Two of these can be crafted in-game while the other will be a shop purchase.

“Players really liked the witch’s hollow log house that we introduced in South Longfall Wetland in Release 46 so at the suggestion of our players we have turned it into a house!” the team said. “The Hollow Log House is a single story village sized house that will be craftable via a recipe in-game that you will gain from a quest in Release 51.”


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Daniel Miller

Really to bad graphics look so old. The combat bad, and feel lost in game. I have no more time to play a game where I feel clueless while in game.

Only thing I hope other mmos take from this game is all unique housing types it has. Barge boat, airship house.

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They said on yesterday’s stream that they’ve been reworking the intro/new player experience (again). Might be worth checking that out once it officially launches.

TotalCowage .

Just to again correct the spin… the limitation on property is not the house itself. You need a Lot Deed as well, to buy the space the house goes onto; and buying those directly means Add On Store or in game premium currency purchases only.

The cheapest available Lot deed is $85. The largest you can directly buy is $1,050

There are Keep and Castle deeds beyond that, that only early Backers could purchase. And Golden versions of those, which only people putting money into the SeedInvest begging could get. A Golden Castle was $30,000.

Once purchased, players can later trade the Lots for gold, but gold is legal to Real Money Trade too, and the player base is so small, virtually no one is risking being stuck with gold they can’t convert back into money… Check out the Shroud forums Marketplace for yourself and see how almost every Seller is asking for money only.

And that’s not the worst of it. There are 4 tiers of Lots. Free placement, Player Owned Towns only, and Taxed and Untaxed deeds.

You cannot buy free placement at all; they have been deliberately discontinued. This is to force you into the PoTs of the Whale backers, because the vast majority of their little empires are empty, and they’re complaining about it.

Look closely at the remaining deeds; These too have now been set to a limited number. But because there isn’t going to be an audience to fill every PoT, not even when the game is now Free To Play, and as RMTs are only staying invested because they expected to make a profit, Portalarium are shutting down the availability of placement itself to inflate the price of the deeds being traded, putting RMT before you the player.

Meanwhile, if you’re planning on trying to be a successful vendor, all the best vendor places are already gone, and being squatted by backers with Tax Free, Place Anywhere deeds. Unless they quit, you can never have those. You can only live where the owner of a PoT wants you too.

And the game is so badly designed for anyone who isn’t spending real money, that the renting system allows people to force your possessions to go into THEIR bank account. Something which a notorious scammer who posts here admitted he has done, whilst pretending he didn’t mean too.

Likewise, the Tax on the deeds is so punitive many players can’t even afford to keep the places they do have active; and when the tax isn’t paid, the lot you placed at becomes free for someone else to take.

Again, this was deliberate to try and pressure people to buy the more expensive, tax free deeds. And again, because the audience prepared to pay that much has long since cashed out of the game, they’ve shut the ability to get Tax Free deeds off, and all the deeds now are Taxed only to squeeze the innocent newbies coming in.

All of this is what Portalarium are desperately hiding behind “You can craft a Log House!” You can indeed. You just can’t effectively place it or keep it unless you support Real Money Trading one way or another.


He’s not lying. If you have plans to try this game, you owe it to yourself to look into this and verify it yourself. Don’t expect to go to the official forums though. They lock and/or ban people for speaking the truth and the RMT’ers are the ones who will be answering your questions. Where do you think their loyalty lies?

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What game’s combat mechanics does this game’s combat mechanic’s most closely resemble? My guild and I are playing multiple different MMOs right now and hanging out in Discord but not playing the same games. We are looking for games that all of us can play together again. Thanks!


Nothing really. They have a lame card system or you can do the normal cooldown system like WoW.

The zones are all instanced, so if you are in a group and hit an instance with people already in it and it can’t handle all your group it may bounce all or some of you. Last I knew it was 12 in an instance or around there. Plus if you have more than 4 people all going for resources then you’ll all be fighting for what there is.

Not to mention the lag when you get a bunch of people together.

TotalCowage .

It’s a standard MMO hot bar system but the powers randomly appear and disappear.

This is what they describe as “Cards”, because you get a set of powers and blanks and then they randomly get dealt out to your hotbar, decay again and go back into the “Pack”.

You can sort which types of power goes to which hotbar slot, which allows you to at least memorize what each key will be for, but you still have to watch for when its full.

You can also combine two types of power into one stronger one.

Or you can switch to a fixed hotbar, but which has a mana cost penalty for doing so, and last time I looked, doesn’t allow you to make combos?

The enemy AI is straight MMO though; they’re not playing “Cards” against you and there are no tells etc, whilst the pathfinding is considerably worse than most games… You’ll basically button mash just like any other game, but have to deal with teleporting monsters and people sliding around on their back.

But again, it’s Free to Play now. Give it a go and decide for yourself.

Matt Redding

When RIFT first started housing (which take the form of personal instances of major world locations including some unique spots and even some rooms from raids/dungeons), they didn’t have any prefab walls or structures, and there were very limited items you could use to construct houses with. Mostly tiles, blocks, and columns. However, they could be resized and streteched extensively. After the initial flurry of interest the market died down and mostly people bought furniture and focused on decorating spots that already had houses or towers or whatnot.

Well, since there was so little activity I basically cornered the market on wood, stone, and metal columns and tiles on 2 servers. (I was on 2 because of the faction split). Some of my customers really bought … quite a lot of those materials and did some extensive building. I made a point to visit the dimensions people who bought my stuff built and one guy used several dozen wooden columns to build a log cabin by scratch!! It was so nicely done I sent him some free tiles for countertops and flooring and some furniture pieces that weren’t market cost-effective in case he could use them.

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That’s pretty cool. Now I want to redownload Rift just to mess around housing and visit other’s dimensions.


Begone, vile temptress… my soul and most importantly my wallet will not belong to thee.

Am I seeing things or SotA was recently mentioned in a article as entering into an actual release state sometime…soon?

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There is always “tomorrow” …

Raimo Kangasniemi

March 27th.


A-ha, much obliged, that was it! ^^

TotalCowage .

March 27th, exactly 4 years late yes.

But discussion on Reddit indicates they’re going for that date because that’s when they’ll be near to exhausting their funding again. During the SeedInvest in 2016, they had to declare their finances, and they were sitting on only 2 months of development burn left. They were hoping to get $2m, but only just squeaked across the minimum of $500k they had to beat to be allowed to keep any of the money raised.

How far that income stretches is a trickier question to answer though, as we get back into their deceptive ways…

They’ve switched to monthly begathons, and as I discuss above, they’re pushing the Lot deed sales in the Add On Store hard. Although the begathon take has never since hit the $110k they said in the SI that they normally got, there’s still money coming in. But even adding that $110k figure every month to the SI take has them running out of money again somewhere between this month and March, unless they also cut development.

There’s also a lot of un-accounted for funding via Publishers; they lied as late as summer 2017 to MassivelyOP by saying they were only considering it, but BlackSun at least have documents published going back to December 2015 stating they had already formed a partnership, and had given Portalarium a cash advance on the basis of expecting shared profits later. The question is… when did that money come in?

The Portalarium Reddit account threw them under the bus when it was discovered and said that wasn’t the contract they signed. But refused to say when it was. If the advance was any time in before Summer 2016, Portalarium must have already spent that money too, to only have $528,000 in the bank at the time of the SI.

Even if it’s coming in after the SI, they didn’t declare they were expecting that advance, probably because they were still trying to hide that they were looking at/already had Publishers.

Meanwhile, the BlackSun document also states that in 2015 they were already expecting the game to go Free To Play. This too was denied then and since to concerned players; even now it HAS gone F2P, you can get banned on the forums for using that term. You have to say “Freemium”…

And much more concerning from a legal and/or investors perspective, they weren’t including the profits they needed to pay back out to their partners in the liabilities listed on SeedInvest.

Likewise, the deal with Travian was hidden and the funding, how much and when exactly, is also unknown.

They also didn’t include the fact that they haven’t even designed the tens of thousands of Kickstarter backer rewards they still owe yet. But like so many Kickstarters, I suspect they’re treating that as something they can cut and run from, because Kickstarter doesn’t hold anyone to account for not meeting those. You can just say “the money ran out”, and go.

Still, spotted the horrendous state of their finances even at the time; Portalarium’s response was to delete the Risks section of the pitch mentioned in that article so people couldn’t see it.

One of the board members of Portalarium also sits on the board of SeedInvest, by the way, in case you were wondering about accountability.

Launching in March then is almost certainly a last desperate Hail Mary because they’ve already exhausted every other possible route. They avoided the term “Launch” because that meant people would start reviewing the game, and the basic game is just bland at best; they simply can’t string out the project any longer though so now it’s time for “Launch”.

My bet is, when that doesn’t work (anyone who wants can try the game right now for free; most people interested already have, and the vast majority of former backers have walked off in disgust) they’ll say “We completed Episode 1! No refunds.”, go into maintenance mode and thus slash development costs, then let the game coast on the remaining Whales and Add On Store to make what money back they can.

Look for the game closing soon after. I’d be tempted to say some time in late 2018, but don’t underestimate how much of a Cult the game has become for some. Some players are over $100,000 invested individually as it is. The question is, just how much more money do they have to waste?


My that was some informative read, thank you so much for taking the time for the write up.

I wasn’t going to give in to temptation regardless, I can’t afford it and I would certainly not even if I could :P

TotalCowage .

If you head on over to the Shroud_Raw reddit, you’ll find far more evidence and threads discussing all of this in greater detail than I could even touch upon above!

Just be aware there’s a particularly toxic campaign going on right now… the guy who has spent more than a year harassing me for criticism went batshit insane over the holidays, and spent Christmas Day saying my family would be raped and killed if I didn’t stop criticizing the game; was laughing about Swatting people and claiming to be coming to Europe to “take care of business”; and because he’s spent so long trying to label me paranoid for his open attempts to gaslight me (he’s even got a thread up this weekend saying how he’s trying to do it, whilst claiming I’m really him) there’s a lot of people too lazy and judgemental to avoid joining in.

Same guy was bragging on Discord about making 20 accounts here in order to rig the “Most Anticipated” vote. Which is what earned Bree’s Side Eye.

It has, on all sides of the arguments, been a completely humiliating disaster of a holiday season all round. Fingers crossed this is the year it all stops.