The Daily Grind: Which MMO has the best camping system?

The first MMORPG I ever played had a camping skill. You chopped down some wood for kindling, clicked to build a fire, and then did exactly two things with it: cook (useless) food and log out instantly. What a waste of a skill. Five points if you can tell me which MMO that was!

So it’s safe to say that camping in video games has come an incredibly long way from then, all the way to the awesome system that just debuted in Black Desert, but even so, most MMOs still don’t have camps at all, which seems bizarre to me. Justin and I were reminiscing on the podcast last week about Star Wars Galaxies, whose camping system was fantastic for getting people to explore and organically stop murder-hoboing everything in sight to take a breather, entertain, heal, and chat. Sure, we didn’t plop down tents every minute, but they made for great break points.

What would you say is the best camping system in an MMO, and how does it compare to the best camping systems in non-MMO games?

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Pi Er
Pi Er

Mortal Online also requires creating a campfire to rest or sleep to regain your stamina/hp etc.


Former Master Ranger in SWG here. I can think of few MMO experiences as awesome as setting down a camp randomly in the wilds and having strangers come by for buffs and quick chat, or going with a hunting party of a dozen plus people and participating in the hijinks that occurred around the luxe camp during downtime.

Herro Mongorian

Mabinogi. Sitting at the campfire heals you, reduces fatigue, buffs people around the fire, and leveling up the Campfire skill gives you stat bonuses, increases the duration of the fire, and allows more people to sit around it.

Damn cool game. Shame it doesn’t get more recognition.

Toy Clown

I think this is why I enjoy BDO so much, as it has a lot of similar features to SWG. When they added camping, I was stoked! Especially being able to sleep inside the cots, light a fire and sit beside it. Just really cool. Looks like the camping system will be expanded on in the future. I heard there were cash shop skins for it in Korea. We’ll have to see.

Bruno Brito

Never seen a camping system.

I would say…Tree of Savior?!


Camping system? Oh, that would be ArchAge. Yes, it does have a camping system.

Build a house on the opposite factions land. When peace time is over, portal over with other jerks, just like you, camp in your house until threat level is at 2 or 3. Then emerge, gank, destroy trade packs and rip up crops to your hearts content.

Yup. All perfectly sanctioned and legal.

Toxic you say? Pfft. No such thing in AA. It’s all part of the game. *sic* :(


Fallen Earth had a nice camp system – you crafted a bundle which on use spawned a variety of different combinations of tents, campfires, NPCs etc most of which gave out group buffs for resting there for a minute and provided vault / mail / vendor etc services out in the wasteland.


Rest shrines are a regular part of DDO play. Also usually a resurection shrine there as well so you can pack someones body back for a restoration. Pretty much does what I would expect for a camping type of mechanic.


Trove, actually, thanks to its housing system that mixes instanced and non-instanced concepts.

In Trove you can summon your “house” to any of the pre-existing “camp sites” spread across the worlds; it’s a crafting base, storage, respawn point, and a few other things. So, as you advance through the game worlds, you keep bringing your “camp” and putting it close to where you are playing.

Kickstarter Donor
Alex Willis

EVE Online’s Mobile Depots! Basically “space camping”.

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