Bless Online team promises that the game is coming to early access ‘as soon as possible’

What even is this any more.

The whole saga of development for Bless Online has been a lot of false starts and half-launches (the short version is that the game had its publisher pull out and then it was hastily decided to self-publish), so fans still waiting for news and a playable version of the game are probably unpleasantly familiar with being promised that the game is coming very soon. Really, we mean it. The latest post on the game from the development team contains an interview with director Jae-hoon Jeon, who promises that the game is coming to Steam early access as soon as possible. While he fears that the trial and error process might lead to some hurt feelings, the important thing is getting player feedback about the game’s new directions and refinement.

Most of the work for overhauling the game has started with a complete rework of the game’s combat system to make skills feel more impactful, introducing skill combos and adding in the first pass of skill customization mechanics. The goal is to keep individual fights feeling more interesting, and by extension making moment-to-moment and repeated gameplay experiences from becoming boring. Understandable goals, although you’ll have to wait until the game is actually in early access to see how it all plays out.

Source: Steam page

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Rolan Storm

*chuckles* Don’t you Bless people worry. Promise us anything you want, we’ll play other games in the meantime. ;)

Heliton B. Amorim

Hope they take their time and work on the improvements they’re planning. The guys saying “release it faster” are the same that say “the game is bad” in Early Access reviews.

Also, this was really good to hear:

Q According to the above direction, what is the most important feature in the Steam version that you are currently improving?

A. As I mentioned above, as part of our short-term goals, we are currently focusing on the development of four components that will transform Bless before Early Access.
– Growth: in addition to providing further vertical growth for players, we want to provide goals for horizontal growth (exploration of new content rather than just leveling upwards, etc) while minimizing repetitive experiences
– Optimization: provide a pleasant gaming environment
– Combat: break away from repetitive combat patterns, making combat fun and rhythmic
– UI/UX: provide an intuitive and unified UI that creates a positive user experience

In the first build that will be unveiled on Steam, we will present you the new Bless, including the growth, improved optimization, and noticeable changes in the improvement of combat and UI/UX.

Yes please, this new Bless can be something good.


What you put up there is encouraging and makes me think at least their focus is on the right track. Now here’s hoping they’re able to execute and make this a game worth jumping into when it comes to EU/NA!

Kickstarter Donor

Early Access? Meh, especially if it’s paid. I’m mostly over paying to beta test unfinished games.

But I’ll sure continue to keep an eye on it for when they get around to launch.

Jason Ostapovitch

So what was the issue with this game? I remember it launched in russia or something


The Russians didn’t want it due to the state it was in. Aeria Games as well. You know something’s up when Aeria doesn’t want your game.

Daniel Miller

yep an no date. It be 2019 before it launches. AIR will get out first.

Kickstarter Donor

“Coming to early access as soon as possible” doesn’t exactly inspire faith in the quality of the game.