Neverwinter talks about the slice of life stories for masterwork crafters in Lost City of Omu

Look at it right and these guys could be the villains.
Whether you’re into masterwork crafting in Neverwinter for items or just because you want to get more of a sense of the world beyond the usual combat storylines, you’ve got plenty to look forward with the game’s next major content update. Players who have finished the Stronghold portions of the masterwork crafting line will be able to take on a new storyline, showing off the everyday lives of people in Port Nyanzaru. Plus, the stories feature dinosaur taxidermy. That’s reason enough to explore them.

But even if you don’t care about the stories themselves, clearing these quests will offer access to new recipes that are on par with the best items available in the game. So even from a raw power standpoint, you’ll be getting something to look forward to. You’ll need to gather new resources in the process, of course, so don’t get too cocky about just clearing the quests.

In unrelated news, the game has rolled out a small patch to fix bugs and some lockbox text errors while also improving its Russian localization.


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