Neverwinter brings the Lost City of Omu to consoles on April 24

Nothing like a two-month wait for new content while your friends on a different platform get to experience it all! Such is the continued plight of Neverwinter’s console crowd, who routinely deal with lengthy delays in bringing their MMO version up to parity with the PC.

So while PC players got the Lost City of Omu patch back on February 27th, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One gamers are going to have to wait it out until April 24th. When it arrives, this finale of the jungles of Chult campaign will add a new adventure zone, more monster hunts, a streamlined level 60 to 70, an endgame trial, and more. There’s a whole knowledge hub devoted to the patch to help you get a handle on it.

Speaking of the PC edition, a patch hit this past Wednesday that made several adjustments and fixes to the Omu content. Check out the notes to see what’s all in it!

Source: Neverwinter